Woodlands Pure Vegetarian

Woodlands Pure Vegetarian
22 Feb 2011


The new Woodlands catering ad-venture: The new Woodlands fever is catching on. If you are not part of this growing legion of patrons, then you are really missing a great part of the culinary experience that privileged patrons are now rejoicing through. Is it not then high time that you visit this unique food catering venture located in the heart of the city? Step-in and you will drift with the aroma of enthralling culinary appetizers that the already proud regular customers are experiencing now. Forget about the Menu price & enjoy high quality hospitality: The pioneering spirit of its founder and customer conscious management have developed a catering spirit laced with humane hospitality in serving food and servicing the favorite menus and dishes of its millions of customers. The customers who throng the place day in and day out have a sparkling, sweet, and a happy time at Woodlands.

7128 Albemarle Road , Charlotte
(704) 569-9193



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