OBX Triathlon On Roanoke Island in Sep 16th 2017

OBX Triathlon On Roanoke Island in Sep 16th 2017
13 Oct 2012 2:00 PM - 13 Oct 2012 5:00 PM


Triathletes train for months to achieve their dream. Come to the Outer Banks Triathlon and experience the enthusiasm, inspiration and skill! The Sprint Triathlon distance is perfect for those beginner triathletes. Move up to the Olympic Triathlon distance or choose the Half Triathlon distance and see if you have what it takes! Why do they do it? Some to win, some for their best personal time and for some it's a personal goal on their bucket list. Individual athletes and relay teams exhibit various ranges of skill and expertise. The enthusiasm of the athletes is inspirational for everyone at the site whether a volunteer, a spectator or staff. Encouraging and cheering the athletes' onward is a crucial part of the day. It is 2 days of inspiration, excitement, relationships and achievements. The swimming portion will begin at the Swimming Hole on Roanoke Island, with the bike portion going from Manteo to Mashoes, and the running portion bringing it all back around to Roanoke Island. For more information including how to register, visit www.outerbankstriathlon.com

6001 Airport Blvd Austin, TX , Roanoke Rapids
(512) 454-9656


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